Cloud Architecture

Whether you are in the planning stages or have already moved your infrastructure to the cloud, having a resource with a broad knowledge of cloud services is vital. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the number of options and services, a cloud architect can help navigate you. If you're confused about why your cloud costs are running away, a cloud architect can help you identify and address inefficiencies. Make sure you're taking advantage of knowledgeable resources and utilizing the full potential of cloud infrastructure.

Technical Guidance

Look at the database offerings from any of the large cloud providers, and you'll see a list of about ten or more options. It's a similar situation when you consider compute, storage, security, and other services. A cloud architect will help you sift through the myriad of cloud-native services and determine which ones provide the cost and performance characteristics that meet your requirements.

Cloud Advantage

As opposed to virtualized traditional infrastructure, Cloud-native services provide an opportunity to simplify management, scale automatically, and pay only for what you use. Although the benefits are numerous, these services can also lead to unexpectedly high bills. A cloud architect can help identify the source of ballooning costs and assist with reducing costs while preserving performance.


DSS has certified cloud architects who have made the journey from traditional bare-metal systems to cloud-based virtualized infrastructure and into a wide variety of cloud-native services. Our commitment to the cloud means that you can count on us to stay at the forefront of cloud technologies. Get a jump start on your cloud journey by taking advantage of our experienced cloud architects.


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Cloud architects are vital resources for navigating the numerous cloud offerings

  • Broad knowledge
  • Up-to-date on latest technologies
  • Years of experience


Cloud native services provide many benefits and are our preferred choice for infrastructure

  • Simplify management
  • Automatic scaling
  • Pay for what you use


Understanding what contributes to performance and costs is critical when using the cloud

  • Identify inefficiencies
  • Reduce excess utilization
  • Apply best practices

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  • Multi-discipline approach
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