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Project Management

Project management has been around for millennia. It encompasses planning, organizing, leading and controlling project requirements and resources. It is a critical part of delivering project goals efficiently and effectively, and benefits the whole organization. A good project manager ensures the project stays on budget, on time and within the agreed parameters.

A Project Management Professional, or PMP, is a certification issued by the Project Management Institute. A PMP has the experience and knowledge to guide a project to successful completion. DSS has a certified PMP who has been guiding system projects for over 5 years.

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Excel Training

You may be satisfied using Excel simply as an electronic spreadsheet. However, it is capable of transforming day-to-day and ad-hoc analysis. Understanding the elements of Excel (workbooks, sheets, ribbons, objects, etc.), formulas, functions, formatting, and presentation is a start. For these basic skills, there is a plethora of Excel training books, tutorials, and videos. The real value comes from learning to manipulate large amounts of data with tables, pivot tables, and queries. Automating the process will propel you to new levels of productivity.

DSS offers customized intermediate and advanced training. More importantly, we provide ongoing guidance, because like any skill, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Often training will make you aware of features, but you can’t remember how to use them later. You can search and struggle to figure out a solution, but consider the value of reaching out to a trusted source to guide you to the answer.

Our most successful customers find that custom instruction and mentoring provide significant ROI. DSS begins with training for a larger group, and then we provide ongoing help to select power users. We offer options for weekly “office hours” or on-demand assistance where we resolve real-life issues interactively. The goal is to build mastery within the organization that benefits the entire enterprise.

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