Database Performance

When database performance degrades, everyone suffers. Perhaps application performance slowly degrades to the point of being unusable. Maybe one day, your application slowed to a crawl, and all signs point to the database as the culprit. You may have even taken some steps toward improving performance, like adding more indexes and rebuilding them daily, but if that even helps, it's only temporary. It can be overwhelming and confusing.

Understanding Performance

Generally, database performance has a simple measure: speed. The faster your queries run, the better your database is doing. The challenge is understanding how both the quantity of data and the complexity of queries impact performance. DBAs have a large toolbox because they have a wide variety of challenges that require different solutions. Like any complex machine, databases perform best when all their components are working together.

Critical Insights

Too often, handling database performance is reactive. The application is unresponsive, and it's a scramble to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. Fortunately, active database monitoring can help identify performance issues before they become critical. If you don't know how your database is performing right now, one of the best proactive things you can do is implement a monitoring solution.


DSS has been helping organizations with their databases for over a decade. Throughout that time, we've learned an important lesson: bring in DBA resources early. Our DBAs can help your developers get the most out of your database and help you with the tools you need to ensure your database operates as expected.


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Database performance is impacted by a multitude of different factors

  • Amount of data
  • Complexity of queries
  • Concurrent usage


Determine the best measures for predicting how your database performance will suffer

  • Query speeds
  • Resource utilization
  • Usage capacity


Know how to check that your database is performing at any time

  • Critical metrics
  • Choose the right tool
  • Proactive alerts

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